Ocean Paintings

I have started a new adventure by the sea. Along with a change of scenery has come a change of inspiration. I have always wanted to paint the ocean. The lighting as it changes constantly and the various shades of colors in the waves are a mesmerizing attraction.

Beach Paintings En Plein Air

My favorite paintings are from long afternoons at the beach. I spend time paddling on my paddle board past the waves out to sea and drifting along the shoreline. The sounds of waves crashing, and the sand between my toes never grow old.

Sea Sketches

Some of my new paintings are the wonderful variety of sea creatures I am finding. I could spend hours watching the sand pipers running on their spindly legs, or strolling the beach looking for perfect shells.

Marina Painting

I am surrounded by a parade of every vessel that travels across water. I am fascinated with the lines, the shadows, the stories behind each one. I have begun a journey of learning how to capture them in my art.

One morning under bright blue skies, the smell of salt in the air, and bright sunshine filling the atmosphere. I went to a marina nearby and I was soon caught in the moment, listening to instructions being called out and watching as sailors prepared their vessels. Although the mass of tangled line, and every shape and size of boat was intimidating to me, I quickly sketched out a composition and started.

I think it was a lovely start and I look forward to many more paintings of marine vessels.

Plein Air Painting
Titusville Marina

I hope you follow along as I create new paintings and explore this new chapter of life.