Under an Enchanted Sky August - November

Drawings & Sketches

Basic lines contrasted with white of heavy cold press paper, forces the viewer back to the traditional understanding of value that creates form. My drawings  and sketches both in charcoal and oil are classic sketches of life surrounding me.


Although these paintings are no longer available, the limited addition prints maintain the brilliant depth and lighting in an original Gloria Grace Blinn painting. The release of each print is a new form, beautiful and unique in each individual work of art.  


Thick strokes of oil on different shapes and sizes of wood, panel and stretched canvas are used in the creation of my paintings. The elegance is timeless and even the smallest pieces adds a touch of beauty to the aura of the atmosphere. 

Gloria Grace Blinn

  Private collection

The Gloria Grace Blinn Private Collection is for the art connoisseur and those looking to add to their collection. These paintings have never been reproduced. Each stroke painted into place holds the value and significance of only occurring once in a lifetime.

Sandia Sunset

Sandia Sunset

Decorative & Ornamental 

These small ornamental and decorative paintings add a touch of beauty. They are simple in nature and have a thick resin coating to create contrast with the texture of the surface. My storybook paintings are part of this collection. Perfect for a reading nook or child's nursery they are quaint and precious reminders of stories that have shaped my childhood. 

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Additional Products

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