Commissioning an original piece of art is a service offered by Gloria Blinn. She will do her best to accommodate the wishes of her clients. The piece will be determined by her judgment if she is inspired and believes she has the capability to capture the desired work of art. The painting completed is an artistic rendering of the original image, and will be completed within the style of painting that is signature to Gloria Grace Blinn artwork. 


Oil Painting Commission

  •  There is a $100 fee for cost of production as an initial payment to compensate the artist’s work. The second cost is to purchase the painting after determining that the client is satisfied with the art. If the client is not satisfied with the completed artwork they are under no obligation to purchase the completed work. The artist is then at the liberty to resell or use the painting within her discretion. 

    You will receive a follow up email with information on submitting the photos desire to be used for a reference.

  • 8x10 $100 +$50
    11x14 $100 +125
    16x20 $100 +$280
    18x24 $100 +$350
    Charcoal or oil sketch $25 +$50


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