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Arts & Crafts Class

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Helping bring creativity and imagination to life through art and crafts.  Supplies included.20% discount applied for monthly payment

This class is for K- through 6th grade. It will continue throughout the year.

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 Creation & Imagination

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A child lives in a world of enchantment. Art allows them to live out their creativity and imagination. It also develops fine motor skills, concentration, attention to details and much more.

(supplies provided) 

This class is for

pre -k through 2nd grade. 

Currently closed for registrations. 

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Classical Drawing & Painting

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Introducing the young artist to the foundations of art through various mediums. Developing their knowledge and appreciation for art. Supplies included.   

 This class will continue through the year. 

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Painting & Drawing Nature

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Helping to develop the skills of painting and drawing from life. Building the understanding of mediums and the foundation of art concepts.   Supplies included.    



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Evenings of Art 

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Enjoy an evening of art. Each workshop  will be centered around a theme including palette knife paintings, ink, mixed media, and other variations of art.

This workshop is for all skill levels and ages. 

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